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WA State DOH License #MA60178698
Image of Alexa Severtsen LMT

Drawing from 15 years of massaging pro and amateur athletes, Alexa can quickly identify and treat common or complex injuries related to sports.


She has taken sports specific CE classes through Altis combined with a lifetime of knowledge in movement patterns, force distribution, soft tissue load and nervous system response. She combines a variety of techniques to create an authentic, individual treatment. Treatment styles include, myofascial release, trigger point release, SMRT, cranio-sacral, strain/ counterstrain, pin and stretch, fascial stretching, cupping,  gua-sha and hot stones. 


Alexa specializes in runners, including track & field, marathon & trail running. She also has experience working with tennis, golf and baseball players,  XC skiers, mountain bikers, triathletes and climbers. 


She continues to master the timing of treatments to best support athletes during their season. She works with athletes to plan out when to receive treatments throughout their training year and how often. This is crucial for a successful pre and post-recovery for their event.   

When Alexa is not treating clients, she is running, taking improv classes, learning how to fly and paddling around on her SUP.

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